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Oct. 21st, 2010



List of available Club Winter term 10/11

As the festival was quite a success in most parts we would like to thank everybody who participated. It's good to know that this community is still alive and kicking. How to run their club is up to each Club President themselves but we ask you to keep things in the realm of the plausible (if you're not 100% sure about something feel free to contact either of the mods any way you want to, it's pretty easy) However we are sad to say that not every character now is member of at least one club. Of the ones missing it would be good if you could comment here with a club of your choice by the end of the week. Sadly only the clubs on the list are available for this term, the time to make up your own has passed. The characters without club are

- Sengoku Kiyosumi
- Hirakoba Rin
- Zaizen Hikaru

Characters who have not officially chosen a club by the end of this week will be penalized by the faculty. Club List

Sep. 16th, 2010



Note from the Accomodation office.

For the new term 2010-2011 We will be closing three of our five dormitories for renovation and modernization. Since there are enough empty rooms available in the remaining two dormitories we foresee no undue complications for our students. However as we are required to assign you new rooms we would like to verify that your request of the last term are still accurate to avoid later complications.
Therefore here is a list of all the students and their current rooming preference. If anything has changed please let us know.

Single rooms:
  • Akutsu Jin
  • Echizen Ryoma
  • Fuji Syusuke
  • Kaidoh Hazue
  • Kamio Akira
  • Inui Sadaharu
  • Yanagi Renji
  • Yukimura Seiichi
Double rooms:
  • Atobe Keigo
  • Akutagawa Jirou
  • Dan Taichi
  • Fuji Yuuta
  • Hiyoshi Wakashi
  • Hirakoba Rin
  • Kawamura Takashi
  • Kite Eishirou
  • Kikumaru Eiji
  • Murmoachi Toji
  • Niou Masaharu
  • Ohtori Choutaroh
  • Oshitari Kenya
  • Oshitari Yuushi
  • Saeki Kojirou
  • Sengoku Kiyosumi
  • Tachibana An
  • Tezuka Kunimitsu
  • Wakato Hiroshi
  • Zaizen Hikaru
With love your Accomodations Office

May. 20th, 2010



New Events Calendar

We now have an official calendar!! That's right! No more guessing at when things are going to happen! Now you can know for sure 8D Thanks to Hiyoshi-mun's amazing organization skills we now have a better plan of the school year which will be adjusting to fit a Japanese school calendar.

Click HERE to check out the calendar and please adhere to it. We will post reminders occasionally, but not everything will be posted about a second time. I will be putting a link to this on the  pot_university profile page for easy access as well.

I'll still be updating for a couple days, so check back regularly for more nifty events. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to message me anytime or leave a comment here.  ^_^ 

Happy Rp-ing!

Dec. 6th, 2008



Room Assignments;

West Dorm: Rooms 1- 10
Student NameRoom Number
  Kawamura Takashi/   Saeki Koujirou  1 - Double
  Echizen Ryoma 2 - Single
  Oshitari Yuushi/     Hirakoba Rin  3 - Double
  Akutsu Jin 4 - Single
Oshitari Kenya/ Kikumaru Eiji 5 - Double
 Yukimura Seiichi 6 - Single
  Muromachi Touji/  Kite Eishirou  7 - Double
 Kaidoh Hazue 8 - Single
 Sengoku Kiyosumi / Dan Taichi 9 - Double
Shiraishi Kuranosuke 10 - Single
East Dorm: Rooms 1- 10  
Student NameRoom Number
 Yanagi Renji  1 - Single
  Tezuka Kunimitsu /   Hiyoshi Wakashi   2 - Double
 Fuji Syuusuke 3 - Single
 Atobe Keigo  4 - Double
 Inui Sadaharu  5 - Single
 Zaizen Hikaru /
   Fuji Yuuta
 6 - Double
 Tachibana An 7 - Single
  Ohtori Choutaroh / Niou Masaharu 8 - Double
 Kamio Akira 9 - Single
  Wakato Hiroshi / Akutagawa Jirou 10 - Double

Dec. 5th, 2008



School Grounds;

Main House:Collapse )

Dorm Life:Collapse )

School Grounds:Collapse )


Faculty Members;

This is a list of NPC characters you will find in the game. The Headmaster will be the only active character.

These people can be talked to/about. Please do NOT change them, god-mode them or create new rumours/stories about them without talking to a mod beforehand.

You can, if you wish, add to this list. If there is a teacher/subject not shown here and you would like to create one, please use this form and, if they're liked, we will add them.

Faculty MembersCollapse )

Oct. 2nd, 2008



Quick-Add List;

Once your application has been accepted, you will be added to this list. Please comment with your character journal to remind us. (We are human, sometimes we forget.)

Copy and paste the following into the [COMMAND CONSOLE] to add everyone in the community.



Character List;

Please comment to reserve a character.

Your character will be held for one week. After that you must apply, you can't reserve the same character a second time. Reserved characters are in italics. Taken characters will be bolded and linked with the journal name.

You have ONE WEEK to apply. On the FIFTH day you will be reminded. On the SEVENTH your reservation will be removed. You must apply, or you have lost your character.

The names have been grouped in their schools to make it easier to navigate.

Character ListCollapse )Yukimura Seiichi
Read more...Collapse )



Fill out the application below and comment here or email your application to [demonofawesome (at) aim (dot) com].

You can apply for up to three character. However, you must be active within the RPG for four weeks before applying for your second character, the same for the third and so on. Note: Additional characters will only be allowed to active players. If you are purged for inactivity, you may not be allowed to take your character back.

APPLICATION: Copy/paste and fill in.

Once your application is accepted, please complete the following:

1. Read the [RULES].
2. Join these communities (in your character journal): pot_university, pot_uniooc, pot_unilog.
3. Go to the [QUICK ADD] and comment with your journal name to be added. Add everyone else to your journal.
4. Post your [CONTACT INFO].

Clarification: On the topic of room assignments, while we ask for you to choose if you would like a single or double room for your character (a double would put them with a roommate), if too many people want singles, we will start to randomly assign rooms.
Also, while you may request a room, the Dorms they will be given will be random. You will be PM'd with the name and number of their room pending acceptance into the game.

Please be patient. We will approve your application when we have the chance.




1. No God-Moding. It's really self-explanatory. Don't control another character. Don't talk for them. Don't make your character the smartest, most brilliant creature ever to grace the universe(unless it's Atobe). Don't assume your character knows what's going on in the game, just because you do. And on the other side, don't make your character the angstiest most depressed person this side of Emo Kid.

2. Ideas, Plots, Changes. Anything major MUST be run past any and all characters/muns that may be involved. If these plots involve teachers or the school, a mod should also be contacted to be made aware.

3. Age Restriction. You must be 17 or over to take part in this game. This will be a game dealing with adult themes, playing characters in their 20's. Anyone younger than 17 will be turned away. If you lie and are later found out to be under 17, you will be politely asked to leave. There are no exceptions. And please, as this is a mature game, we ask only that you act your age and treat this game as adults.

4. Posting Limits. Twice a month. This can be in the form of a deep and introspective post, or even just a few lines to reassure us that you, and your character, are still alive. Commenting is strongly encouraged though being an active commenter without posting does not release you from your posting obligations. You still need to post. There is no limit for logs, these are made at the mun's discretion, whenever you like, how many you like.

5. Character Limits. There is a three character limit, with a three week waiting period between. You will only be allowed a second and third character if you show yourself to be active within the game. If you are inactive with the character you have and would like another, you will not be allowed to apply in case you continue to be inactive with two characters or more.

6. Purging. Once a month, on the first. Inactivity constitutes a lack of posting and comments. You will receive one warning and if your activity does not increase then you will be dropped. You can, if you wish, take back that character at a later date. Though this will only be allowed once. Further inactivity and you will not be allowed back to the game. Exceptions can be made by the mods, but only on rare occasions.

Game Play:

1. All characters will be given a blog on joining the University. It's their choice if they use it or not. Each dorm room will house a desktop computer, laptops and such things are up to the character.

2. Interaction is strongly encouraged. Commenting, logging, entries that promote both.

3. Logs and such things must be posted in [pot_unilog ], nowhere else. Please use the format provided.

4. Pictures, video clips, long memes or quiz spam MUST be placed under an LJ cut. Posts that are purely spam and no actual relevant content will NOT go toward your post limit. They do not count.

5. The OOC community is for your use. Talk to the other muns, plot, plan, make friends, fangirl.
On that note, please keep drama to a minimum. Do NOT let personal grudges leak into the RP, and vice versa.

6. Do not flock/filter posts. If you have to do this, then use cuts and label them appropriately.

ScreenedCollapse )

PrivateCollapse )

Game Notes:

1. So this is the deal. With canon as the base, 1st years are now freshmen in the university, 2nd years are now sophomores, and 3rd years are now juniors. While university calendars typically map out four years to complete a degree, five is more often required, so your character could end up as a "fifth-year senior".

Exceptions would be people who are starting school over again. They, no matter how old, would start from 1st year. Students transferring in from another school would have the option of transferring the credits from their previously-completed coursework at the other university so they don't have to retake those same classes at Hajime.

2. This game will contain harsh language and mature themes.

3. Plots vs. Events.
Plots: These can concern one character, or many, depending on how involved you'd like people to be. Usually though, they will just involve a couple, or a small group. They will last a while, leading up to a final goal. Plots are like stories, they are meant to have a beginning a middle and an end.
Events: An event is a short lived explosion of activity that will effect the whole school, everyone. They are meant to be fun and promote participation. They can last anywhere from a day to a week, some will have a reason behind them, some will just be for the hell of it.

4. Dorms. Please keep in mind this IS supposed to be a University. And while we're happy to promote and encourage crack, there are some things you should not do. Not unless you get permission to do so from the Mods. (IE: No filling your room up with jello and hookers.)

5. Drama. I would prefer this be kept to a minimum. If you are looking for a plot or direction for your character, we're very sure you can do that without drama. RL drama does not effect gameplay. If the mods become aware of this, you may be at risk of a warning or being removed from the game. We will not tolerate this.

6. Please note that ALL mod posts are top priority. All muns will be required to read these posts, muns do not have to comment unless the post says to, but please make sure you read all mod announcements.


1. A Hiatus can, at it's maximum, last for one month. After that month you will be contacted. Lack of response to email or PM will result in the loss of your character. We will urge you to begin posting again after that one month mark. There may be exceptions to this rule, please talk to a mod if you need to be on hiatus longer than a month.

2. Semi-hiatus and Hiatus are different things. If you go on semi-hiatus you are still expected to try your best and meet the posting requirements.

3. If a character is played while on hiatus, we will assume your hiatus is over and you are now back with the game.

4. If you become inactive without reason, then you may be purged. The mods will not take second-hand hiatus' from people. You will have to post, PM or comment to explain your inactivity. Others can not and will not be allowed to do that for you.